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Lesley Shield

Lesley began life as a professional language tester (yes, there are such beings!), moved into ESP teaching, dictionary editing and speech technology before working as a teacher trainer and developer for several years. She then saw the light, retrained and moved into ICT and learning, stopping off to work for Enterprise in Higher Education and to manage a couple of European-funded projects on the way. She now advises on the use of ICT for language learning (at a distance) and is a lecturer in technology and language learning at the British Open University. She is currently involved in developing the pedagogy of using audiographics tools for language learning, particularly French and German, and moving on to Spanish, and researches the use of communications tools, especially MOO. for (distance) language learning. If you look at the link to Lesley (below), you'll find that she has two co-writers, Lawrence (Larry) B.Davies, based in Japan, and Markus J.Weininger, based in Southern Brazil. She has found MOO to be an excellent tool in the preparation of various joint projects and writing papers with them.  

You can find more about Lesley here.

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Visit Lesley and  truna's VPCE site for Block 2 at


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