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Teachers' Resources

We offer a range of services for EFL/ESL teachers and teaching institutions. Please follow the links below for further information. We also design and run bespoke seminars, workshops and courses in a number of areas including the use of ICT in the classroom and online teaching. If you or your institution have specific training needs please contact us to discuss a bespoke course.

  • The Distance In-Service Training Course (DIST) - For non-native speaker teachers of English who would like to brush up their English and become more familiar with up-to-date teaching methodologies
  • The ELT online conference - On November 10 & 11 2001, we held an online-only conference for ELT professionals around the world - view the archives now. We will be holding the next ELToc in November 2002 - watch this space!
  • The ELT Newsletter - By and for teachers of English! Teaching tips, articles on contemporary teaching issues and more.