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Evening Seminars

We offer in-house evening seminars for English language schools and related institutions. Seminars currently available are listed below; should you have a specific requirement, though, please contact us and we may be able to offer a seminar tailored to your needs.

For all seminars the venue must be equipped with the following: either a computer with Internet connection and a data-projector; or an available telephone line and a data-projector; or a setup with one computer with Internet access and multiple monitors attached to that computer to allow the audience to view the same materials simultaneously.

Using the Internet in ELT

This seminar gives an overview of resources available on the Internet for language teachers. These include websites containing ready-made lesson plans; websites containing materials such as reading texts and exercises that may be printed out and used in the classroom; e-mail services to which teachers can subscribe in order to receive lesson plans and activities; and e-mail discussion groups that allow teachers around the world to discuss questions, problems and ideas with one another. A number of websites will be visited during the seminar, giving the audience a first-hand impression of some of the available resources.

Internet Conferencing in Language Teaching

This seminar focuses on live Internet technologies, primarily Internet audio/videoconferencing, and how they can be used in and for language teaching.

A live demonstration of Microsoft NetMeeting is given to show the audio and video-quality currently achievable with Internet conferencing. Interactive tools such as whiteboards and file-sharing are also presented, and ways in which they can be exploited for distance-teaching are discussed.

Teaching Languages Online

This seminar presents a range of tools currently available for delivering language instruction by distance. Tools discussed include Microsoft NetMeeting, an Internet conferencing program which can be used for live online instruction; pre-recorded audio and video clips such as RealMedia and WindowsMedia files; exercise-creation programs such as Hot Potatoes; website design tools that allow for easy website development; and e-mail.

One-hour seminars in the London area start from 60. For details please contact us, letting us know which seminar you are interested in, your location, and any other relevant details.