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One-day seminar: Using the Internet in English Language Teaching

This one-day seminar, held at our centre in London (England), is aimed at classroom teachers who are interested in learning how to use resources available on the Internet in their language lessons or for professional self-development.

The seminar is very hands-on: participants have access to computers and are guided through the process of using the Internet to produce a variety of materials during the course of the day. Participants are also guided through a number of websites in order to familiarise themselves with their content.

The seminar covers the following areas:

  • Websites aimed at language teachers
    Participants will be introduced to a number of websites featuring ready-to-go lesson plans, crossword- and exercise-creation programs, exercises that can be printed out and taken into the classroom and more

  • Websites aimed at language learners
    Participants will evaluate a number of websites featuring self-study materials and exercises for language learners. By the end of the day participants will be able to make recommendations to their learners as to which sites are most appropriate for their level, language needs etc.

  • Using e-mail in language teaching
    We will discuss a number of ways in which teachers can use e-mail with their students for follow-up activities. These will include both teacher-student activities, as well as student-student activities (e-mail role-plays, projects etc)

  • Using e-mail discussion groups
    The concept of e-mail discussion groups - online communities of individuals who share a common interest - will be introduced, and we will practise using one. We will then discuss a variety of ways in which teachers can set up and use a discussion group with their group of language learners as well as how learners can use them for authentic language practice. Participants will also be introduced to a number of discussion groups aimed at language teachers which they may like to use for further development.

Seminar fees are £80 per person. Seminar dates are as follows:

  • Saturday, 6 October 2001, 10am to 5pm
  • Saturday, 19. January 2002, 10am to 5pm
  • Saturday, 6. April 2002, 10am to 5pm
  • Saturday, 13. July 2002, 10am to 5pm
  • Saturday, 19. October 2002, 10am to 5pm

Numbers are strictly limited to 8 participants. Registration and payment must be made in advance in order to guarantee a place. To register now please choose one of the following links:

Help us spread the word!

If you are a Director of Studies or have colleagues who might be interested in the seminar, we would be grateful if you could print out an A4 poster and post it in your staff-room or anywhere else interested parties might see it. The poster is available here in Acrobat format and here in Word format. Thank you!!