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Private Online Lessons

If you need to improve your language skills quickly and would like the full attention of your teacher, private lessons are for you. With us you can study one-to-one with a teacher, meaning that all lessons are prepared especially for you. We also offer small groups (maximum 6 participants) for you and your colleagues - you choose exactly with whom you want to study. In overview, private lessons offer you:

  • One-to-one (private) lessons, or lessons with other students of your choice
  • At a time to suit you - we currently teach 9am to 8pm UK time Monday to Friday; however, if you would like to study at a different time please let us know and we will try to arrange lessons to suit you
  • Lessons prepared especially for your needs

Private lessons are ideal if you (and your colleagues) have specific language needs such as language for Medicine, Law or specific Business needs.

Information on prices are available here. If this is the first time you are studying with us, please go to the Pre-Course Information page. If you have studied with us before, feel free to complete the enrolment form now.