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In addition to language teaching we also offer a range of other services: - Study a range of other subjects online! Learn how to design a website, how to use the Internet for teaching any subject, and more. Click here to visit the site now - The Microsoft NetMeeting UK Support Site. If you would like to use NetMeeting more effectively for pleasure or business, contact us! We also offer rental of our multi-way audio facility, meaning you can have an international conference call with up to 25 people around the world for a fraction of the cost of telephone conferencing. Visit the site! - If you need to speak to someone in a different city or country and need interpreting services, contact us. You can talk to each other via the Internet, saving long-distance call charges - all you pay for is our interpreter! Visit the site for more details.

Computer training and Microsoft Office User Specialist (MOUS) exams: if you are living in the London area and would like to become more familiar with computers, we can train you! You can either come to our centre or we can come to you. We are also an official MOUS testing centre, so let us help you prove what you know! Click here for more information.

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Here is a variety of links; if you are a language learner or travel frequently on business or for pleasure, these might be of interest to you!

  • - The free language agency, with the one-stop solution to finding your ideal English course and school in the UK & Ireland
  • Academy of Windsor - Trinity Certificate TESOL courses in Barcelona, Spanish courses in Barcelona and more.
  • Accents in English with eViews - "eViews - FREE for students, priceless for TEACHERS. For teachers and students looking for advanced level comprehension and listening exercises with lesson plans. Easy access to different English accents in the Library."
  • BBC News
  • CNN - the American newsservice
  • Compass Agencies - "The friendly way to book hotels in Europe and USA!"
  • Dave Sperling's ESL Cafe - THE site for learners of English as a Foreign/Second Language!
  • .net magazine - Excellent magazine about the Internet. Everything you need to know about the Internet is right here! Good for Internet beginners to experts.
  • E-cards  or the Cardmaster let you send "postcards" with pictures and music by e-mail
  • 'We have articles, information, teaching jobs and resources, and practice materials for people teaching or learning English as a foreign language, EFL, or as a second language, ESL. English teachers and students will find that this site includes material, which is also covered by the terms ELT, ESOL, TESOL, TESL, TEFL'.
  • e-mesh - Materials for teachers to print out and use in their classroom, self-study area for learners of English and more
  • - for EFL/ESL students and teachers worldwide
  • The English Language Homepage - Links and Activities For Students and Teachers of English at the University of León
  • The English Listening Lounge - Improve your English listening comprehension
  • "English Web Sites" - Lots of links for grammar, vocabulary and other exercises to help you improve your English
  • Explore United Kingdom - United Kingdom Web Site Links
  • GEOS Oceania - English Language Colleges offer English courses in modern facilities in the Oceania region - Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and South Africa
  • The Hotel Guide - A directory of 60,000 hotels, domestic and worldwide. Book your own room at any of 60,000 hotels around the world using The Hotel Guide
  • The Homestay Provider's Network - the world's #1 resource for homestays in the UK
  • The International Education Financial Aid. This website provides a free searchable database of scholarships and awards as well as a number of other useful resources.
  • - produce and supply a range of accredited interactive multimedia training courses on CD-Rom which cost only £34.95 including free delivery.
  • Language Advantage - Your language advisor on the web! Find out how to learn a language or how to learn about another culture.
  • Language Learning - "This page contains information and resources for teachers and students of English as a second language (ESL) and English as a foreign language (EFL). The articles give practical hints and suggestions for learning and teaching any language quickly."
  • Learning@Web.Sites - David Levin's Learning@Web.Sites is an award-winning guide intended primarily for senior high school educators who would like to enhance their curriculum and instruction using the internet.  High school students will also find Learning@Web.Sites to be a rich on-line resource guide.
  • Lexin Swedish-English dictionary
  • The London English Language and Drama School
  • Need a break? Visit for travel ideas!
  • Mimosa Software Oy - Timetable Software Worldwide for School, University and Congress Scheduling
  • - Turkish Language Education for Beginner and Intermediate Levels
  • On the Road Newsletter - "News and reviews for the laptop-equipped international traveler"
  • Rockwave, a radio channel
  • Online and CD-ROM TOEFL prepartion courses:
  • Translation - Language translation to and from 140 languages. Fast turnaround, professional translation at excellent rates. All translators ranslate into mother tongue and live in-country.
  • Travlang - everything the international traveller needs!
  • - "INNOVATIVE PRODUCTS FOR BETTER TRAVEL. Jet-lag remedy, electronic
    translators, improved sleep mask, pop-up maps, car accessories and more.  Call: 1-800-917-4616 in the US."
  • UBL - the Ultimate Band List. Listen to music here over the Internet!
  • Vocabulary Racing Vocabulary Racing is a fun racing game that helps students learn new words in the foreign language of their choice. Can even be played online with friends.
  • VOLTERRE-FR Directory for Learners of English
  • A web of on-line dictionaries