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CERAN Lingua

Intensive residential language courses for motivated learners

CERAN LINGUA's courses are designed for motivated people who need to learn a language as quickly and efficiently as possible. The 66 hours per week of immersion in the target language along with a highly personalized approach to language training and CERAN LINGUA's scientifically-based methodology will ensure that you make the maximum of progress in the minimum amount of time!

You may also be interested in our Cer@net Package which combines 30 hours of online study with NLL and one week at one of Ceran Lingua's residential centres. This allows you to take, for example, 10 hours of online lessons before you visit the Ceran centre, and another 20 hours of follow-up lessons to ensure you continue to improve after your week of intensive study.

For more information about the Cer@net Package please click here. For information about Ceran Lingua please visit .