Server Update  

When you log on to a Microsoft server such as , you will now see a message saying "Please read.... Point your browser to . You can do this or go to and follow the instructions there, which will download and install the Microsoft Messenger, a new tool for finding other users of NetMeeting and allowing you to contact them.

Alternatively, though, you can use our server ( completely free of charge. To do so please set up your NetMeeting as follows:

Start NetMeeting, then click on "Tools" and "Options". There you will see a field entitled "Directory server". Into that field, enter . Click "OK" to close any open dialog boxes. Then click on the address-book symbol on the NetMeeting screen; at the top, you will see another field entitled "Select a Directory". That should show the same server as the one you entered in the last step. If not, enter the name of the server there again.

You can now use our server to call people and to receive calls.

For a list of more publicly available servers which you can also use, please visit .

You may wish to forward this information to friends or colleagues with whom you would like to use NetMeeting.

To receive this information by e-mail, or to forward it to a friend or colleague, please enter the e-mail address here, and it will automatically be e-mailed to that address.



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