Using NetMeeting with Multi-Way Audio  
Netmeeting on its own only offers one-to-one audio and video connection. When a third person joins a meeting, they can neither hear nor see either of the first two meeting participants, or vice versa. Communication between all three participants must take place via the text-chat feature or the whiteboard.

However, here at we are pleased to offer you the use of our multi-way audio technology on a rental basis - either in 15-minute blocks for infrequent users, or by the month for regular users. Our state-of-the-art software integrates completely with NetMeeting. This means that by using our system you will be able to hear all participants in the meeting, use the whiteboard together, share files on your computers and more.

In effect, this completely replaces the need for conference telephone calls. You are therefore able to make long-distance or international conference calls, backed up with data conferencing capabilities, for a fraction of the cost such a telephone conference call would normally incur.

The following are our introductory prices for using our multi-way audio facility for your private meeting:

In 15-minute blocks, ideal for infrequent users:

Up to four participants (anywhere in the world): £ 2.50 (US$ 4) per 15 minutes

Additional participants (anywhere in the world): £ 0.50 (US$ 0.80)per 15 minutes (maximum 25 participants in total)

Minimum length of call: 15 minutes

All calls charged in multiples of 15 minutes

All prices payable in UK£; US$ prices are guidelines only.

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Long-term rentals, ideal for regular users:

Maximum number of  simultaneous users

1-month rental 6-month rental 12-month rental
5 £60/US$99 £340/US$560 £650/US$1065
10 £115/US$189 £655/US$1080 £1240/US$2040
15 £170/US$280 £970/US$1590 £1835/US$3020
20 £225/US$370 £1280/US$2110 £2430/US$3995
25 £280/US$460 £1595/US$2620 £3020/US$4970

All prices payable in UK£; US$ prices are guidelines only.

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To book your private multi-way audio session now click here. To try it out by calling our reception or joining our chat area please click here.


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