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Microsoft NetMeeting is an Internet communications tool which allows you to communicate with people from around the world using
  • one-to-one audio and video or multi-party audio
  • text-chat
  • file sharing and collaborating
  • whiteboard

and more.

All that is needed is an Internet-connected PC, the free Microsoft NetMeeting program and a headset for audio communication. A video camera is not necessary for audio/data conferences only.

NetMeeting therefore offers you the opportunity to talk to your colleagues, friends and family anywhere in the world - for the price of your regular Internet connection.

We are an independent company offering support services for users of Microsoft NetMeeting. If you are new to Microsoft NetMeeting or Internet communication, we offer training in using it for business, educational or other purposes. We offer two training courses:

  • A self-study course which teaches you how to use NetMeeting from the basics to more advanced features. This course is available here on this website and on CD-ROM. On average this course takes 2 - 4 hours to complete

  • A live, one-to-one training session lasting 90 minutes.

Both allow you to familiarise yourself in depth with all of NetMeeting's features. For more information on these courses and for bookings/orders please click here.

We also offer the technology necessary for using Microsoft NetMeeting's audio feature with more than one other person at a time. Microsoft NetMeeting on its own only allows for one-to-one audio communication; however, we are pleased to offer you the use of our multi-way audio server on a flexible, per-hour basis. This allows you to make international conference Internet calls for a fraction of the cost of an international telephone conference call. For more information including pricing please visit the Multi-Way Audio page, or book a multi-party audio facility directly from our website.


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