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Group Online English Lessons

If you would like to study English live online in a group with other learners from around the world, this area is for you.

In our live, online English classes you can speak to your teacher and the other students, hear your teacher and other students, work on materials on your computer-screen together and more using Microsoft NetMeeting. It's just like being in a classroom but without the need to travel. Our method also allows you to study from home, your office, or different places each lesson, making it a flexible but very effective way of studying.

All our classes are taught by qualified, native-speaker English teachers. The maximum group size is 6 students per teacher*, so you can be sure to get a lot of individual attention from your teacher.

By studying in an international group you will also practise your language in a realistic environment - our students are from around the world, so you have to speak English all the time! This will help you learn more quickly, and will prepare you for the situations in which you will need English.

Please feel free to find out more about when you can study, what you need to join a lesson or enrol in a course now. If you would like to try out the technology, try it out with our reception!





* Please note that we reserve the right not to provide classes for 3 or less students.