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The Cer@net Package

If you need to make a maximum amount of progress in a minimum amount of time, our Cer@net Package will be of interest to you. Offered in conjunction with our partners, Ceran Lingua International, the Cer@net Package includes 30 hours of live, online language study with NetLearn Languages and a one-week intensive residential course at one of CERAN Lingua's centres around the world.

A typical Cer@net Package will consist of the following:

(60 minutes each)

(ALC 41 program)

(60 minutes each)

with your own personal online teacher in preparation for your immersion course

improve your language ability during 66 hours a week in the constant company of your course teachers

with your online teacher, to continue your language development

You may choose to divide your online lessons differently, though, for example 5 hours before your CERAN stay and 25 hours afterwards.

Further information about the available languages, prices, what you need to study online with NLL and an enrolment form are also available.